NESTOR, established in 1990, specializes in production of sticks for birds and rodents. Our constantly widening offer includes also other products for small domestic animals, such as mixtures, vitamins, nutrients, salt, snacks, drops, calcium or litters. Our products are made of high-quality natural ingredients and do not contain any preservatives. Technological processes, among others based on traditional baking methods, were developed to supply vitamins, mineral salts, micro- and macroelements, that is those components that daily diet is often deficient in. We are glad that in this way we can take care of proper physical development of pet animals. However, being aware that we also make your birds and rodents be in cheerful mood is not less important. Food given in an unconventional way, similar to that that the animals encounter in their natural environment, makes them happy and varies their days spent in cages.
                          Welcome to the animal world, where there is only one motto:
                                                           HEALTH, STRENGTH, FUN.



Nowadays Nestor combines the strength of the experience with modern technologies. These technologies, for example, make it possible to protect food against unfavourable external conditions thanks to a special barrier foil. However, the most important factor has not changed for years: the sticks produced by Nestor were and are made entirely of natural ingredients with no preservatives. Nestor stick is a combination of various grains adjusted to the needs of a given species. These grains are mixed in suitable proportions with such delicacies as various fruits, nuts, vegetables or honey and glued together with wheat flour dough and baked in bread oven. Sticks produced in this way, without artificial additives and glues, can be fed to your pet everyday with no fear.

Modern production hall is located in close proximity of beautiful Bolechowcka Valley just outside of Cracow.

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